The Best Places To Slurp Gelato In Florence

The Best Gelato in Florence, Tuscany

Creamy, cool, potent pistacchio gelato is dripping down my pale hand while I’m trying to take this picture for you. Besides the sticky substance I’m also thinking that I should have gotten my nails done…

As much gelato as you may think I eat, I in fact have it on rare occasions, maybe once a month. That will change as of today and I’ll tell you why…

Not only is gelato amazing! BUT since the flavors change so often due to the change in seasons—even months at a time—there’s always something new to explore in the perfect world of tastebuds and cream.

When I do get tempted for a cone I try to have one from a different place every time, so that I can compare them and really do the hard working, finger licking, 2€ research for all of you!

Without further adieu, here is…

The best places to slurp gelato in Florence

It’s warm out and the tourists are already swarming the city. If you’re wandering on your own or find yourself on a tour, then get ready to stubble upon gelato everywhere and anywhere!

Just don’t eat the gelato from the main streets or from gelaterias with a display filled with abundant mounds of fancy looking gelato…that’s really just powder ‘n water.

In alphabetical order…


Gelato in Florence

Yahoo, Badiani is by my house. It’s located in Le Cure, a neighborhood a tad northeast of downtown. It’s one of the most famous gelaterias—if not the most famous—in Florence.

What to get?! Why, their trademarked Buontalenti flavor, which is egg based cream and fresh whipped cream. You may have read about them in my 2-day food porn guide to Florence. I admit that I’ve had a midnight snack there once or twice!

Gelateria dei Neri

Gelateria dei Neri Best Gelato in Florence, Tuscany

People rave about Gelateria dei Neri and I for one agree on many accounts.

One, they freaking serve gelato. Two, the location is prime right on Via dei Neri 22r close to the best panini and my new favorite coffee bar!

I asked what their most famous flavor is and the woman looked at me like I was crazy, as if they make gelato that is NOT the best. So, according to her they’ll all blow your mind.

I opted for pistacchio—great and a bit milkier than others—and the fabulous ricotta and figs! Hurry over there since the figs are most definitely seasonal and one of my summer favorites.

Gelateria La Carraia

Gelateria La Carraia gelato in Florence

Come on, look at that view!

Gelateria La Carraia is located right off Ponte alla Carraia—Piazza Nazario Sauro 25—in the Oltrarno neighborhood by Piazza Santo Spirito.

I tend to get traditional flavors like pistacchio and fior di latte. Their cioccolato is intense too! If you’re not in the mood for a 1€ cone then opt for a gelato cake. Hey, you only live once!


Procopio Best Gelato in Florence

Procopio—onVia Pietrapiana 60/62R—is incredible and the owners are the friendliest husband and wife team, Gianpaolo and Barbara. I came here on a Walks of Italy food tour and the tour ended with us in the back of the gelateria to see how they make it fresh every day…we may have gotten away with a few extra scoops.

What to get?! Well, their über famous almonds, pistacchio and candied orange slices. 

Let’s not forget pistacchio, since they have a creamy, non-milk sorbetto di pistacchio di Bronte DOP, meaning the pistacchi are guaranteed to be amazing and from the famous pistacchio area of Bronte, Sicily.


Rivareno Best Gelato in Florence, Italy

Rivareno is to die for! The first time I went here was after a fun bicycle tour; it was the perfect end to a 2 hour ride.

This place is a shot east of the duomo on Via degli Albizi 46. They protect their gelato in coolers, so don’t be bummed if you don’t see that crazy mound of gelato pouring all over the place. The metal cylinders keep the gelato at a perfect temperature before serving.

I love this place because it’s not overwhelming with too many flavors. They have the perfect mix of traditional like pistacchio—here we go again!—and more modern/seasonal flavors like orange, almonds, berries…

*Join in on my ridiculous hashtag on Instagram, it’s #YouSayIceCreamISayGelato!

What’s your favorite gelato flavor?! As you can tell I’m a diehard pistacchio fan! 

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Tiana Kai

Life in Florence for three years has made quite an impression! I'm so grateful for living in Europe and getting to experience as much as possible. I'm currently traveling around Jackson Hole, Wyoming since I tend to hit the mountains every winter! LIKE what you read? Great, head over to your right and subscribe!

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  • Katie@From Shores to Skylines

    We were practically obsessed with gelato in Italy. It’s so amazing, and not nearly as sweet as the ice cream I’m used to in the states (which is great thing!). My favorites were pistachio and hazelnut, sometimes chocolate (I’m a sucker for chocolate, but make an attempt to try something new every now and then). I’ll have to bookmark this for when I make it back to Florence!

  • Cat of Sunshine and Siestas


  • Cassandra

    Ahhh, Gelateria dei Neri was my hands-down favorite when I studied in Florence, so I’m glad to hear that it’s still setting the bar high. Reading through this whole list made me hungrier for Italy with every paragraph!

  • Tiana Kai

    So great to hear you went there! I have heard about dei Neri for a long time now, so I’m glad that I got a few scoops myself.

  • Tiana Kai

    Well, I guess you have to come back to Florence to hit up all of these places!

  • Tiana Kai

    Oh ya I love a good fondente! I’m sure that I would order chocolate if I hate gelato more often. Since it’s a once a month kinda treat I tend to try pistacchio at every location to see which has the best, and Procopio may have won, it’s a tough call!

  • Paige Miller

    My mouth is watering! I wish I would’ve known about these places when I was in Florence last summer.

  • Tiana Kai

    You need to start planning your next trip then! :)

  • Kelly Michelle

    I’m booking a flight to Florence!! I need more Gelato in my life and possibly some new Italian shoes! xx

  • Tiana Kai

    There’s always room for gelato and shoes!

  • Becky Padmore

    Wow love this post, definitely need to get back to Italy soon! ;-)

  • Tiana Kai

    Thanks, it’s pretty nice to have all these great gelaterias a few blocks away from each other!

  • Birgitte Brøndsted

    Well, gelateria dei neri is my absolute favorite. Of the ones you list I actually only know Gelateria dei neri and Badiani, so I guess I have some research to do now. I would add Mordilatte in Via dei Servi to your list. So incredibly good…

  • Tiana Kai

    Thanks for the tip, I also need to check out Carabè before I add it to this list as I heard it’s great!

  • Valeria

    I would add at the top of the list Gelateria de Medici in Via dello Statuto, behind the Fortezza. There’s always a crazy line outside, but it’s really worth it!

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  • Tiana Kai

    Thanks, I’ve heard about Medici so need to definitely check it out!

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  • lauradebenedetto

    the best gelateria in florence and one of the best in Italy is carapina (piazza oberdan) with only seasonal fruit and super-creams. my favourite in the summer is fresco carapina (milk and mint) with chocolate (nero carapina or traditional). slurp!

  • Tiana Kai

    Yum, I heard this one is amazing too!

  • Art Mad

    The Gelateria Antica in Via Faenza is great too. Try the formaggio e perre mixed with biscottini – drool!

  • Tiana Kai

    Biscottini? Yum!

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