Notte Bianca Florence 2013 (full program)

written by Tiana Kai
Notte Bianca in Florence Italy

Notte Bianca Florence 2013

Notte Bianca Florence (White Night) is the longest night of the year in Florence. This Tuesday, April 30th marks the 4th addition. We’re talking museums open for free, events in every piazza, exhibits throughout the streets, floating sculptures, live music and dancers. Festivities end at 6am Wednesday, so prepare to stay up all night morning.

This year’s theme is ‘fly’ inspired by Jonathan Livingston’s novel Seagull—the higher we fly the more we see.

Notte Bianca’s vision is under the art direction of Felice Limosani, so expect to be wowed by the numerous, oversized installations throughout downtown.

To be realistic, choose about 5 must sees. You might find me at the Gucci Museum, SMN, Pitti, Santa Croce and if I have time Uffizi and San Niccolò. Let’s hope I get a few more in.

*Check out the best Instagram shots of Notte Bianca Florence 2013
Ataf lines will be running until 6am.
***NO free cappuccino and cornetto at Palazzo Vecchio at 6am like last year. I wonder who lasted that long. Reminds me of my old life in Miami when nothing started before 1am!
****Book exchange at Edison in P.Repubblica from 7pm onward. Bring a book get a book!
*****Additional details in particular for children events visit Notte Bianca Florence’s official program@NotteBiancaFi and their official Facebook page.

Notte Bianca performances

Palazzo Vecchio
Mayor Matteo Renzi welcoming speech introducing Notte Bianca’s Creative Director Felice Limosani. Followed by a chorus performance in Salone dei Cinquecento

Piazza della Signoria, kick off
7-9pm Support for Haiti from the Fondazione Francesca Rava Choirs of Florence and the Music Academy of Florence.
8pm Flying Bells installation by Felice Limosani

Piazza SS. Annunziata
9, 9.45 & 10.30pm & 1am Vuelvo al Sur, Dance and Art performance with 100 dancers from Tango Club Firenze

Porta San Niccolò
9.30, 11, & 12.30am Volare Delrevés vertical dance, visuals by Felice Limosani

Notte Bianca Florence Tango

Piazza Annigoni
9.30pm Video projections
10pm Live concert: 21Beat, Chewingum, Crazy Mama, Mondo Candido, Ragazzi Scimmia, Riccardo Mori Street Clerks, The Allophones, Dj Andrea Anedda

Piazza degli Uffizi
7pm Taxi Milano 25 Onlus, clown car and face painting

Piazza Pitti
8, 10, 11.20 & 1.10am Flying dancers by Theater Tol
8.40, 9.20, 10.40pm, midnight, 12.30 & 1.50am Acrobatic dance

Notte Bianca Florence Pitti

Piazza della Repubblica
8 & 11.30pm Murals by De:Strukt in partnership with Gilli
9.30 & 11.30pm DJ set with Dj M. Byrne, M. Pupils, Biga & Peter

Piazza Santa Maria Novella
8.50, 10pm, 12.30 & 1.50am Aerial silk dance
9.20, 11.50pm, 1 & 2.20am Dancing performance
10.20pm & 1.20am Riding to Heaven installation performance by Theater Tol
in partnership with Whythebest Hotels

Notte Bianca Florence S.M. Novella

Piazza Santa Croce
10, 11 & 1am 
floating sculptures by Plasticiens Volants sponsored by Ferragamo
flash mob

Piazza Ognissanti
10, 11pm, 12 & 1am Sky Walk tightrope walker Didier Pasquette

Notte Bianca Florence Didier

ODEON Cinema
 New Almodóvar film, Los amantes pasajeros, in original language with subtitles for a reduces rate of €6.

Piazza della Passera
9.30pm & midnight Live jazz concert from the 50’s by the Associazione Culturale

Piazza San Lorenzo
8.30, 9pm & 2am Artistic performances

Piazza Duomo
7.30pm-1am Live concert from La Misericordia: pop, soul, jazz & rock

Biblioteca delle Oblate
10pm-12.30am Life is a bit like jazz, it’s better if improvised: musical performance by Funkcool

Notte Bianca installations

Ponte Vecchio
Be Happy light installation by Felice Limosani

Via Roma
7pm all night Video installation by Jane Fulton Alt

Via dè Tornabuoni, 16
7pm on Il Volatore installation by Emy Pretini at Obikà Mozzarella Bar

Via Bufalini, 6
7pm-midnight Porcelain and flowered hats from Richard Ginori’s collection

Notte Bianca free museums

Galleria degli Uffizi 6pm-midnight

Museo di Palazzo Vecchio 6pm-6am

Museo Casa di Dante & Museo Nazionale Alinari Fotografia 7-10pm

Museo Marino Marini, Museo S.M. Novella, Museo Stefano Bardini, Accademia di Belle Arti, Fondazione Salvatore Romano & Museo di Orsanmichele 7pm-midnight

Sinagoga & Museo Ebraico di Firenze 8-11.30pm
Reservations required 055 2346654 si**************@co*********.it

Istituto degli Innocenti 8-11.30pm
Reservations required 055 20371 in*******@co*********.it

Casa Siviero 9pm-midnight

Museo Gucci all night until midnight (reduced rate)

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Cat of Sunshine and Siestas April 28, 2013 at 9:23 am

I’ve been to Madrid’s version, Noche en Blanco (Pasar la noche en blanco is an idiom meaning you can’t sleep, nice play on words), and it is one of my favorite nights in Madrid of all time. Seville’s version this year was well-received, but they didn’t plan on so many people coming out for it. We ended up not able to go anywhere or see anything because there was’t enough space or long lines!

Tiana Kai April 28, 2013 at 11:57 am

Hopefully, that means that next year may be better since Seville will know what to expect. I went to Notte Bianca last year and there were so many great things to see in each piazza, so I’m looking forward to it on Tuesday… just a shame that the 30th falls on a Tuesday!

georgette April 29, 2013 at 10:23 am

Great list!

Tiana Kai April 29, 2013 at 2:20 pm

Thanks, hope to make some of the good ones, I’m all about the dancing.


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